And in walked 2012

Good Morning 2012.

Raymond here, I know I am a few days late but I was trying to enjoy my last extended weekend for a while. The Holidays were really good to me and my wife this year. We had a great Christmas with family, and for the first year we used Skype to talk to all of the extended family in other parts of the country, so we got to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, which was really fun.

Then on the 1st we went down below to Orange County to enjoy the wonderful weather, have lunch with the In-Laws, do some shopping, and see a movie; which was Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, an excellent, excellent movie, and easily the best action movie I have seen in a long time.

Which brings me back to work and the New Year. 2012. I have never been big with New Year resolutions because I practically never keep them. But this year without being strict with them I do want to make some changes in my life.

1, I want to spend more time in prayer and contemplation. I know I can read all the books I want and listen to all the sermons I want, but if I don’t spend time in quiet, talking with God I know there won’t be much growth. I plan to work with fixed hour prayer, centering/contemplative prayer and just trying to be in a state of constant prayer, and try to live out the whole pray without ceasing. If won’t be easy and it will require time but I do plan to work at it.

2, I want to eat more breakfasts and smaller lunches.

3, I want to reach out and engage people more. It is a little sad but I often don’t like people and being around them, you can call it agoraphobia, or just being a jerk. Which is kinda funny, since at work I pride myself on my customer service skills.

4, Drink more water, less soda, more wine, and better cocktails.

5, Write more in this blog. I guess I just think writing helps keep my mind working and I should have some sort of mental exercise and recollection of what I do year to year. I never have been the type to keep a diary, and I don’t think I ever will, but having some place that keeps all my thoughts together would be nice.

5, Exercise. Been thinking about this one for years, time to act on it.

6, Eat more of those leafy green vegetables that I always read that I should be eating. Is it a bad thing that when I think leafy green vegetable the first thing that comes to my mind is lettuce? Probably not what the dieticians are talking about.

7, Read more, watch less television, watch no reality television except for maybe Top Chef.

8, Take the GMAT and finally get enrolled in an MBA program. Been wanting to this for years and it is time to act on it. Get my mind working, help my job prospects and help cure that education inferiority complex I have.

9, Cook more meals at home. I really enjoy cooking, so you wouldn’t think this would be so hard, but being lazy I find myself not wanting to cook or being repelled by the idea of the cleanup involved afterwards. I have a great kitchen now I really need to take advantage of it.

10, Complain less about things and be a better husband, son, brother, employee, driver, friend and child of God in general.

I guess we will just see how it all goes.

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