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This was a post I made in a discussion on Facebook, just felt like sharing it here.

Okay to get real here, talk of financial numbers when referring to the President’s administration is just plain silly.  No matter how you slice it he not only inherited two expensive overseas wars but the worst economic collapse since the great depression.  Wars don’t pay for themselves and you can’t just pick up and leave so the President was handcuffed into continuing to pay for two very technical, resource consuming and just plain costly wars.  He has since gotten us out of one and work has begun to remove us from the other.  And as far as stimulus and other government spending, I frankly don’t like it.  But if you look at history and really study the economics of it all….no large country has ever gotten itself out of a major recession with cuts to spending.  It just doesn’t happen.  I hate to admit it but Keynes was right, you spend your way out of a recession.  And also let’s not kid ourselves, the stimulus packages, and the auto industry bailout that were all ideas that started in the Bush administration.  Wha you say?  Yes because all the economists told President Bush the same things they told President Obama you have to get money out there to prevent things form getting worse.

If you want to talk about manufacturing jobs, don’t look to the President.  Exports (Manufacturing) have done nothing but go up since he has taken office.  They have gotten better every year.  And if you want to blame him for the lost jobs, that is myopic, don’t blame him, blame the CEO’s that are doing nothing more than making money by shipping jobs overseas.  We cannot compete with China on manufacturing….we can’t they will do it cheaper and faster.  American needs new industries, we never be able to match China in cost and efficiency of assembling an Ipad or flat screen tv.  And for those who say we don’t make anything anymore.  Turn off Glenn Beck and put down the Kool aide.  The USA accounted for 19.4% of all world manufacturing last year.  Only behind China with 19.8%.  Problem is America is just too damn good at manufacturing.  We far outpace the world in our productivity.  Our factories are not full of people placing transistors on board, we have huge machines that do it for us.  We are too darn productive to require the great workforce that was required of US manufacturing decades ago.  That isn’t any President’s problem that is just progress.  And work will always go where it is cheapest.  Jobs left England and Europe for the American colonies in the 1700’s and now they have moved to Asia, it is just the way the world works.

I do admit the President had appointed members to the Executive branch that are pro-abortion.  I dislike/hate the idea of abortion.  I do firmly believe life begins at conception.  I feel every abortion is a death of a human life and oppose it.  I also oppose the death penalty, which oddly most other anti-abortionists do not (But that is another argument).  So while I am morally against abortion and don’t like the fact that the Father may never have a say in the act, I recognize that abortions are not going away, and I am not sure I want them made illegal.  I don’t want a return to back room abortions or young teens running to Mexico or Canada to get an abortion because they can’t in the USA.  Abortions had been on a steady decline since the 1990’s but recently have stopped declining; I fear this is a sign of the recession.  With women not wanting to have baby since they may not have a job to support it, this saddens me deeply.  But the fact remains the right to an abortion will not be overturned.  And if by some chance it is, you will only force women to take more and more drastic measure.  This battle must be won by providing support for those women who are pregnant and are unsure about keeping the baby.  To use the cliché it is a battle that must be won in the hearts and minds and not in the courtrooms. 

And as far as Arizona is concerned, if it weren’t for the laws on the books now they would probably shoot people with Brown skin on sight if they could.  I frankly think that yes, America has been so blessed that if someone wants to come here (even illegally), work to support a family on a minimum wage and still save enough  money to send some back to their home country then good for them.  I do feel a responsibility to my poor neighbor, the weary travelers to share with them and help them out.  In a nation of such abundance and waste, I think there is plenty to go around.  And if we want to be brutally honest, all anti-immigration stuff had an intimation of xenophobia/racism in it, that is if you are brutally honest.  For some reason in any multicultural place I have ever lived I have never heard any uproar about anti-immigration.  It always seems to be rich white men who are in positions of power that make all the fuss.  But then again I don’t think the Native Americans were big fans of illegal immigration either.  They probably wish they built a bigger fence.

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