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{Book Review} prayerfulness by Robert J. Wickes

Not a book about prayer but still worth reading.

At first glance you might think this is a book about prayer but instead it lies in the vein of books that talk about praying without ceasing or practicing the presence of God.  In this book the author Wilkes focuses on practices/mindsets and activities that will develop a sense of spiritual mindfulness or awareness.  Topics include “Creating simple rituals”, “Softening the soul”, and “Befriending anger and other negative emotions”.  From the titles of those chapters I think you can get an idea of the direction of this book.  The book is more about finding a way of connecting with God via small actions and changes in mindset that allow for a life of “Prayerfulness”.

The book is not heavy on the use of scripture, but instead pulls regularly from life experiences of the author.  Also Wickes’ views Christianity from a Catholic perspective while not being overtly catholic in his recommendations or practices.

I found some of the recommendations and thoughts in this book to be useful and interesting; and I have been challenged in my thinking on dealing with some of my emotions and thoughts about my relationship with God.  If you are open to this style of spiritual writing then I think you may be able to get something out of this book.  However, if are looking for principles firmly based in scripture and consistent references to the Bible and reformed theology this book is definitely not for you.  Decide on getting this book with that in mind.