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Back To The Grind

I fortunately had a really nice holiday weekend.

I got to go home early on Friday, which let me get my relaxing on early.

Mad MenSaturday was a spectacular day and wasted time.  I worked on packing away some old books and watching episodes from season three of Mad Men, which over the last month has become my new favorite drama since the loss of Lost.  Just good writing, compelling story lines and characters who are a great mix of good and bad.  I eagerly anticipate the premiere of Season Four later this month.

I also snagged an online peak at the Main Event of UFC 116, Brock Lesnar versus Shane Carwin.  Holy Begeesus did Brock take a A Beat Up Brockpounding in the first round.  But he rode it out and the Ref was good enough not to stop it.  Although there were a few times when Brock seemed to just be curling up and not doing much.  However Brock answered the bell for the second round with a smile on his face and worked a choke on Shane.  Gotta admit th man is tough and deserves some respect.  I look forward to his next fight.

Angel StadiumSunday was a lovely day to sleep in, worship at Church, and then make our way to Anaheim for an Angel’s game.  Had not been to an Angels game in a while.  A completely different crowd from what you get at Dodger Stadium.  A bit higher class if I may say.  Plus you can tail gate in the parking lot.  And you don’t have to climb to the top of Mt. Chavez Ravine to get to your seats, just a leisurely ramp stroll.  The Dodgers organization good do a lot to make things easier for fans to get in and out of the park.  but they won’t because there is no financial incentive to do so.

We also got to watch the fireworks afterwards, and a really great show.  Artie Moreno really knows how to run a ball club.  If only Frank McCourt would take some tips.  The Dodger experience could be so much better.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Dodger Stadium, I love Dodger Dogs, I love driving up Stadium Way to the Baseball Cathedral in the Chavez Ravine, but the Angels do a really good job with a stadium that is technically only 4 years younger then Dodger Stadium.

That’s all, more later.