My Tastes

I like to consider myself a man of eclectic tastes. I like all types of music, I dig Garth Brooks as much as Charles Mingus, I can laugh at stunt from those Jackass crew just as easily as I can enjoy a witty P.J. O’Rourke column. However, I found that Labor Day weekend I really covered a lot of much diversified entertainment.

It all pretty much started Thursday, August 31st when I was at home that evening with little or nothing to do. I was browsing the channels when I realized one of the most prominent pop culture moments from my youth was being broadcast; namely the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. I remember back in High School when this used to be the crowning pop culture moment of the year. All your favorite bands, all the hit singles, and all the cool videos, rolled into one three hour event. I can safely say I hadn’t seen a VMA show in probably 5 plus years. The last year I really remembered the show was the big Puff Daddy performance dedicated to Notorious B.I.G., oh, wait, doesn’t he do that every year? Maybe not, anywho, I decided to sit down and watch it this year just to reconnect with my roots, and to make me feel younger since I am 25 years old and I think it is safe to say 1/8 of the hairs on my head are now grey.
My overall impression of the ordeal, very overrated. Jack Black not that funny and pretty much a one joke comedian. Don’t get me wrong he is good at what he does best, but other then that, not too funny and his material was just lacking. The performances, not that great, where was my lesbian kiss or extreme pyrotechnics or gospel choir? I was under whelmed and realized I have not missed out on anything in pop music in the last few years.

On Friday, September 1st we kicked it up a notch when Amy and I went and saw John Williams performing at the Hollywood Bowl with the L.A. Philharmonic. Suffice he is amazing and has written some of the most memorable music I can think of. He started off the evening performing a series movie music pieces from the golden age of movies, I cannot remember the pieces or movies they were form but suffice to say they were very engaging and fun to listen too. To finish off the first half of the evening he then performed a medley of Bernard Herman pieces from various Hitchcock films. Wow, that was some great music. We then had a lovely 20 minute intermission which consisted of eating Mentos and drinking Pepsi.
The second half of the show is what rocked the joint, Mr. Williams started bringing out his own music. We heard pieces from Hook, E.T., and Superman then we had a medley of great pieces from Spielberg and Lucas, which pretty brought down the house. And the cool thing was the lighting effects going on around the bowl during these pieces corresponded to the music. Like a Red and Blue motif for Superman, and aqua color for Jaws, a nighttime blue for E.T.. Either way it rocked and it was fun to see all the nerds bring out their lightsabers for anything Star Wars related. He then bowed and concluded the night to begin his encores. Which consisted of Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, the Imperial March (So cool), and then he capped off the evening with a very interesting rendition of the NBC news theme. No fireworks of Raiders theme, just the music we hear Brian Williams talk over every night. I am not sure how to respond to that, but I enjoyed the night immensely and plan to attend next year.

That Saturday then led to the best day of the Antelope Valley Fair, the Rural Olympics. My Dad was once again the Emcee and this was the last year my Grandfather planned on participating after 47 year of being there, so it was a bit sentimental. It was good clean pure fun. The stands were pack and the racing was exciting. My Dad had a really great presentation for the Rural Olympics hall of fame, that came off really well and really honored the guys who had been involved with the Olympics for a long time. But hey you can’t beat hay bale stealing, potato stabbing, stake racing and truck backing. I really do enjoy the event and almost wish I had the skills or equipment to participate.

So there you have it. I basically spent Sunday and Monday recovering from all the activity. I only have a few more weeks left before I start attending school again at Biola to finish my degree, but that is a whole other bag-o-worms.

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