{Cookbook Review} Cookin’ With Coolio by Coolio

Dare I Say the Greatest Cookbook of 2009! (By a Rapper)

Okay the last time I checked Coolio was relevant and a pop culture force about 10 years ago.  Since then the only time I think about Coolio is when “Amish Paradise” by Weird Al comes up in my shuffle mix.  Well readers that has changed with the release of his cook book: “Cookin’ with Coolio, 5 star meals at a 1 star price” by Coolio the Ghetto Gourmet.
Right of the bat, this may be the best gag cookbook gift ever.  Not only does the book come from the self-proclaimed King of Kitchen pimps, the ingredients for recipes ask for amounts of seasoning in “Dime Bag” and “Nickel Bag” form (Don’t worry you can covert to regular measurements).  Recipes include “Chicken Lettuce Blunts”, “Kompton Fried Chicken”, “Taco Jones” and “Chili Mac Pimpi”.  And instructions include directions such as “Beat those eggs like a Mother#$%&er who crossed you” or “Spin them around like a stripper on a pole”. 
Suffice to say I enjoyed the writing as much or more than the recipes themselves.
Now for the amazing part; these recipes are pretty good.  The ingredients asked for are easy to find and consist of most spices and ingredients you would have in a regular kitchen.  There are no crazy cooking techniques or anything more difficult than an average home cook could handle.  I cannot attest to how healthy most of the food is, but there is a good section on salads, vegetarian food and even a nice seafood section “It’s Hard Out Here For A Shrimp”. 
So if you can get past the latent silliness of the presentation of the material I think you will find some good fun recipes, and you will probably laugh quite a bit too.
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